I have just found out that the Wilson County Amateur Radio Club and the Wilson County Radio League will be sponsoring a HamFest.  I can’t put all the details in this blog post, so I will insert a link to the HamQuest website.  I hope to see you there!


The Wilson County Radio League will be holding an openhouse in October. Since CRL is closely associated with the League, we are reposting the information for those who may be interested.

Learn more at this link

The "sunsphere" over Knoxville, TN

The “sunsphere” over Knoxville, TN

This past Saturday we decided to go up to the annual R.A.C.K Knoxville hamfest. We went looking for a little of everything, and certainly found it.

Amongst other things we purchased LMR-600 cable for the KM4GHM repeater, a 2.4GHZ parabolic dish for the WCRL mobile command post and a surplus of Tait UHF radios.

We found a lot of good things and met a lot of good people during R.A.C.K Knoxville. It was definitely a good hamfest and worth getting up in time to see the below picture.


A couple of our contributors will be attending this year’s Severe Weather Awareness Day in Nashville. It’s a free event, but registration is required.  It’s Saturday, 28 February, from 9am-4pm.  Anyone interested can register at this link.

I don’t know if attending a basic spotter class is a requirement to attend this event, but if not required it is strongly recommended.  Spotter classes (both online and in person) are available at this link.  Even if you don’t attend S.W.A.D., now is a good time to take the basic spotter class.  There are a LOT of them scheduled this time of year, and they’re few and far between after storm season starts.


IMG_8304Here are photos from the event last weekend.

There were a lot of pictures, so I uploaded them in a gallery format instead of embedding them in the post like I normally do.  They are out of order because the 3rd party album plugin I use assigns the order based on an unknown parameter, and I’m not sure how to change that.

Credit for some photos goes to KK4VIZ, KK4VJA, KK4WVV, KK4UTP, and KK4UTQ, amongst others and in no particular order.  All photos are shared by permission.



The only thing I had a problem with that day was being placed so close to the live music, which wasn’t bad until about 3:00.  After that, it was turned up so loud we couldn’t hear our radios over it or carry on a conversation with people that stopped by.  It did give me an opportunity to show our tape measure yagi fluttering from the vibrations though:


All in all, I think everyone had a good time.  We met a lot of people, handed out a lot of cards, and are already making plans for next year.  Thanks for everyone that helped out – There are too many people that helped our booth for me to list by name, because I’d probably  forget someone.

Chickenroadlabs will be setting up at the mini maker faire in Nashville!!! (Sep 13 2014) More event info can be found at

We will be setting up a ham radio station for people to make their own contacts at! We will have capabilities through HF, VHF and UHF, as well as software defined radio. We’ll also be bringing a trebuchet, solar death ray, pain machine, and much more.

The event is from 10/5 Saturday, September 13th. The event will be free for all.

See for more!