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  1. Thanks for the reply! I will have to try the dish soap next time I mix some up. Good point about cleaning tools to, the main cause of major ruts and streaks in my project have been dirty knives. Now I use all metal tools and scrape them completely clean after use. I also intend to write about my method of keeping putty knives from rusting in the near future. 73,

  2. Allow me to add hints from my newbie experience: My family did the same thing to a room in our doublewide two months ago for the same reason–pets and kids destroyed enough of the batten strips between the boards to make mudding the walls desirable. To thin (in our case, pre-mixed) drywall mud out, use a bucket stirrer that chucks up in a drill and stir in PALMOLIVE DISHWASHING LIQUID, a few heavy drizzles at a time. (!) Mix thoroughly until it’s nice and fluffy like warm cake frosting. I was incredulous of the advice until I tried it. Keep all of your tools clean-clean between times, wash up the boxes and knives and dig all the hardened goop out of the seams and dry metal items thoroughly. They *look* like stainless steel; some are, some are not. Never let old, less-moist crumbs back into your mix, they will streak your results. We had some older pre-mix that I rehydrated and got brown streaks in it like you described. Tape all of your joints: I am agnostic about whether to use paper or fiberglass tape–we ultimately made both types work. We started out knowing nothing about drywalling, made a lot of mistakes, had to rent a drywall sander, and flatten the walls and start again. We NOW know how to mud a room (at the end of the project, of course.) Experience being how you learn how much you don’t know about any seemingly effortless task that actually takes a practised hand. The thing our family could improve on now is speed; someone who does it por pay 8/6/313 gets to be lightning fast. Check *all* places you pulled batten strips by sliding a drywall knife the length of a joint; very frustrating to find you have to deal with one more of those wire nails in a joint you are in the process slathering wet mud on. I enjoyed talking to you at Maker Faire 2014!

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