2 comments on “Heater hose fitting replacement – GM 3800 series v6

  1. hey are the directions the same for a 2012 chevy impala LS let me know when you get chance

    • The 2012 Impala came with a 3.6L engine instead of the 3.8L that was used previously. I am not able to confirm that the 3.6 actually uses the same style fittings, but if it does the replacement procedure will be very similar. Where you would find the differences would probably be things around the engine, like various plastic shields, tanks and reservoirs, hoses and belts, etc.

      As I don’t have access to a GM with that engine, I’m not able to get any more specific instructions or pictures at this time. If, however, you complete this job and want to let me know how it went, I would like to update the post with that information.


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